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What is Superbeets?

Do you need a supplement that can boost your stamina? Though not all supplements are effective, superbeets has been widely researched to confirm its benefits. It is a supplement that can promote your circulation, increase your energy levels and lower your blood pressure.

Do you love taking beets? This supplement comes from dehydrated beets that are crystallized. Beets contain a lot of nitrates that get converted into nitric oxide when you consume them. You can get the same nitric oxide by taking the supplement without eating beets or drinking beet juice. We will look at the details of this supplement to confirm if what it claims to do is correct.

Who manufactures superbeets?

HumanN is the company that produces the supplement. It was founded by famous scientists who are known to conduct a lot of research on nitric oxide. They use patented technology that makes superbeets deliver high contents of nitric oxide to the body.

According to the manufacturers, taking the supplement is more beneficial than eating beets since one teaspoon of the supplement gives you an equal amount of nitric oxide as three beets. They, however, do not provide a quantifiable measurement to support this claim. The supplement is also sweeter than juicing beets since it does not contain the vegetable taste.

The manufactures include a list of ingredients to make this supplement. It contains calories, carbohydrates, sodium, proteins, potassium, vitamin C and nitric oxide. The supplement is non-GMO containing an apple flavor, beet root powder, and malic acid.

How does superbeets work?

Superbeets is a superfood that has a lot of dietary nitrates in it. This nitrate enhances the levels of nitric oxide in your body to boost stamina, energy and give you healthy blood pressure. The manufacturers make it from the process of drying beets using low heat so that it does not lose its nutritional value. This process makes it better than other beet products on the market.

The granulated crystals in superbeets dilate your blood vessels and allow your blood to flow efficiently to different body organs. It ensures that your body organs receive enough nitric oxide to function accordingly. Therefore, if you are working out and using this supplement, you can get more energy to train.

The supplement works well due to the effectiveness of beetroot. This element has a lot of sugar content, vitamins, fiber, and magnesium. Your body needs nitrates so that the blood vessels can widen and allow efficient circulation of blood.

Doctors often prescribe nitrates to patients that have chest pain which comes from heart diseases. The nitrates in superbeets can boost the flow of blood to your arteries reducing the signs of chest pain and clogged arteries.

Though superbeets can be beneficial, the manufacturers do not leave any scientific evidence on their site to support their claims. The only way you can test if it works is by trying it. You can also increase the levels of nitric oxide in your body by eating foods that are rich in nitrates such as celery, spinach, carrots, and lettuce.

What are the pros of using superbeets?

The findings of a certain study conducted on older adults taking the supplement reported that their systolic blood pressure had reduced within a month. Most users of this supplement also report seeing improvements when it came to their blood pressure after use. By increasing nitrate levels, superbeets lowers blood pressure.

Sometimes during training, you may experience leg pain from poor circulation of blood in the region. Superbeets combats this effect by improving blood pressure. Men experiencing erectile dysfunction can also benefit from the supplement since it regulates the flow of blood in your arteries.

The molecule can also raise energy levels in your body. It ensures that your muscle groups receive enough oxygen and nutrients thus improving tolerance and giving you the strength to last for long during training.

It also promotes heart health by reducing triglycerides in the blood thus lowering the chances of getting heart diseases. The beet compound also contains antioxidants which give your body cells protection from damage, saving your heart from bad cholesterol.

Any cons?

  • The lack of scientific backup makes some people doubt its effectiveness.
  • The manufacturers do not specify how long you should use it
  • Some people report side effects.
  • The taste may be displeasing
  • You should not take it when you are on blood pressure medicines.

Is it safe to use?

Most users find the supplement safe to use. It does not cause serious side effects unless you overuse it. It can lower the amount of calcium in the body. Others experience bloating, dizziness, numbness or nausea from using superbeets. The magnesium in it can also cause stomach upset and diarrhea on people with sensitive stomachs.

Beets have an intense color which sometimes makes the urine and stool change their original color. They also have high sugar and carbohydrate content; therefore, it is not recommended for people looking to lose weight.

How to take it

One teaspoon of superbeets is equivalent to five grams. This amount is enough to consume daily. Mix your supplement with some water before taking it. You can also take it with protein shake or your favorite smoothie. Do not take beyond two servings within one day. Unfortunately, the manufacturers do not advise consumers of how long they should use the product.

What is the cost of superbeets?

You can get this supplement in the regular flavor or the black cherry type. A canister costs $ 40 while three canisters go for $ 80. You would save more by buying 3-6 canisters since they don’t come with shipping costs.

The package also contains nitric oxide indicators to help you monitor your NO levels as well as an e-book for more information. Your purchase also comes with a refund policy for three months giving you a chance to test its effectiveness.

Final thoughts

It is with no doubt that the nitrates in superbeets increase the nitric oxide in the body. This supplement can promote arterial and heart health, give you endurance during training and help you with reproductive problems. For you to see the results, you should take the supplement as prescribed and be consistent.

Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good67%

Love it

November 12, 2018

My Superbeets arrived quickly and was as expected. I definitely feel more energy when using it and both my husband and I drank some about 2 hours before running a 5k. We both felt we ran faster and had more energy our other runs without it. Too bad it’s a bit pricey but I feel it’s still worth it.


Too early to tell?

November 7, 2018

Taste isn’t bad, but could be better. I’ve been using for about a week now and it seems to be ok. So far I have not felt much difference but at least it’s nutritious. Will give it some more time.


Seems Beneficial

November 3, 2018

I have been drinking Superbeets every morning for the past few months. It didn’t give an immediate effect but after a few weeks I did feel a subtle improvement in my energy levels. It didn’t really like the flavor much but mixing a scoop with a glass of orange juice really improved the taste a lot.


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