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The tagline for the Quip toothbrush is that it is designed with every mouth in mind. In this review, we explore these claims and leave you knowledgeable enough to establish whether this is the toothbrush for you or you’ll opt for others in the market.

About the Quip toothbrush

In the making of the Quip toothbrush, designers and dentists came together to create an electric toothbrush that is both simple and affordable. The bristles send sonic vibrations and guiding pulses as well that promote better brushing. There is no need for various modes as they have established what the right amount of sonic waves get the job done. In two minutes, your teeth are clean.

When using the toothbrush, you will find it the vibrations silent, and they are tailored to accommodate even the most sensitive of teeth. The Quip toothbrush also comes with a 30-second quadrant timer. A fantastic feature about this product is that it can suction wirelessly to surfaces on the bathroom, making your routine that much easier. Additionally, the brush is waterproof and thus shower safely. You can It is also travel ready, so you don’t have to deal with a big brush or a charger when using it. A slim hygienic travel cover keeps it uncontaminated.

Quip does offer refills. You can sign up for a delivery every three months. It costs $5, and you get international free shipping. The brand also has anti-cavity mint toothpaste you can purchase that you can get refills for as well. The plastic version of the Quip toothbrush costs from $25 and available in various blues while the metal version starts from $40 and adopts more neutral colors of brown and grey.

According to their website, the Quip toothbrush won the Best Invention of 2016 Time, and GQ labeled them the Best Electric Toothbrush. Adding to their accolades is the product is American Dental Association Accepted seal. From such information, one eis assured they are dealing with a reputable brand with an exceptional product.

Is it worth buying?

As with other products, what a person settles for is dependent on several factors.

Design: The toothbrush, without a doubt, is eye-catching. It has a sleek design but kept very simple, which adds to the appeal. The metallic alternative sits up there with other brands because of the feel of it. You can tell they went for high-end material. You, therefore, don’t have to be glittery in the shower expecting an electric shock. The on and off button is sturdy, with no in-betweens.

Simplicity: Another feature of this toothbrush is simplicity. It is has a straight design and an on and off button. It doesn’t have other modes or settings that increase vibrations or make the bristles move in varying angles. Toothbrushes with such features tend to be bulkier and implies having a charger at hand even when traveling. Quip is simple, and all you require is one AAA battery to get you brushing.

Suction: the idea that you can keep your toothbrush separate from others anywhere you go and in your house included sounds fantastic. However, when traveling or in other instances, you might leave your toothbrush in unlikely places due to the suctioning aspect.

Timer: The 30-second timer lets you know to move on to other sections of the mouth. In no time, you’ll know to brush each part of your mouth before the brush pauses. In the dentist-recommended two minutes, you’ll have a clean mouth.

Refills: The American Dental Association recommends that one ought to change their toothbrush every three to four months. If your brush is of lower quality and is frayed before this time, it ought to get replaced sooner. Therefore, the three-month that Quip sends are to keep you current on your hygiene.

Brushing your teeth with Quip

Even with the sleek design, one cannot force dental hygiene. You might be excited for the first few days to hold this elegant toothbrush, but after a while, you’re likely to get back to old habits. If you are however a daily groomer, you’ll find that Quip works as well as other store-bought brushes. Even after three months of use, you will note that the bristles still look firm.

What perhaps is a drawback to many is the replacements heads. Each costs 5 dollars, which is more than other store-bought brands whereby you can get a refill with less than $2. in the first three months the bristles hold up, should you stick to the brand you can opt for the four-month mark before shipping. However, if you don’t mind the cost, their auto-refill program is perfect as it’ll act as a reminder for you to change the head.


  • The company offers two kinds of brushes (plastic and metal) at different price points
  • Has a simple and portable design, ideal for travel
  • Has a suctioning feature that allows for safe keeping on bathroom surfaces
  • The mental version Iis made of sturdy material that doesn’t rush and is waterproof as well
  • Quip offers three-month auto-refill shipping
  • The notable organizations acknowledge the brand as having produced an exceptional toothbrush


  • The brush is pricy as compared to other electric toothbrushes in the market
  • The refills are expensive as well

Bottom line

Quip toothbrushes offer a typical brushing experience. What differentiates it from other brands are the sleek design aspects that promote simplicity. You mostly have a vibrating toothbrush powered by triple-A batteries that you can take anywhere with you, the shower included. The bristles hold up well over time, while the timer pausing every 30 seconds reminds you to clean your whole mouth in two minutes. What largely dictates if one will get the toothbrush is the pricing of the brush itself and the pricing of the refills.

Overall, the brush will be more useful if you kept up with your dental hygiene. Brush after every meal or at least twice a day for two minutes. Remember to use toothpaste from reputable brands (you can also try the Quip one which has accepted ingredients) as your companion in keeping your teeth clean and refreshed.

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