Proven Peptides Review

Stoked with the results of my first LGD-4033 cycle and with Proven Peptides

I still recall the day that I first read about SARMS in 2012.

It was a brief excerpt from a research publication about this new potential alternative to testosterone, that would not cause the androgenic side effects associated with anabolic steroids.

That very moment, I knew that this was it.

This was the moment that I had been long waiting for.

As a lifetime Natty bodybuilder, I was always apprehensive about using anabolics.

At the age of 32 though, when results had begun to get excruciatingly slow, SARMS seemed like the logical step up.

But it took another 8-years for SARMS to go mainstream and for me to find a seller who I believed was offering the legitimate products that I was looking for.

Only, it wasn’t as legit as I expected it to be.

After two watered down cycles that didn’t produce even 30% of the results that should get from a SARMS cycle, I started to look desperately for an alternative.

That’s when someone recommended Proven Peptides on Reddit.

Today, it’s two weeks since I finished my first LGD-4033 cycle sourced from Proven Peptides and it has been just phenomenal in every way.

An introduction to SARMS

For the uninitiated, SARMS stands for Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulators, a group of research chemicals (Yes, that’s what they are) that are being studied for their potential application in muscle wasting, testosterone replacement and for the treatment of Urinary Incontinence among other conditions.

However, it is their similarity to androgenic hormones that have gained more traction in the limited time since their inception.

You see SARMS can help you build muscle, gain strength and lose fat in very little time, all without some of the dangerous side effects that come with steroid use.

The most notable difference is that SARMS are only anabolic, not androgenic. This means, you can gain muscle without the risk of losing hair in men or without virilization in women.

Sarms also don’t aromatize into Estrogen. This means that you can gain muscle without using a slew of supplementary drugs, like Aromatase Inhibitors or SERMS to control estrogen spikes.

There’s enough literature on the internet about SARMS. So I’ll not beat the drum for it.

Let’s talk about results.

Here’s the deal.

If you get legitimate SARMS, you can get 40-50% of the results you would get with steroids at just 20% of the risks.

Those are odds that most natural athletes and fitness buffs would take any day. But therein lies the challenge.

Finding legit SARMS suppliers is a challenge.

Chinese suppliers, DIY Kits and an exit scam

My quest for SARMS began in the summer of 2012.

But much to my dismay, the options were very limited.

There was a supplier in the UK. A couple in Australia. The suppliers that were offering SARMS in the United States, were few and far in between.

But I reached out, made enquiries and narrowed down three of them.

One for Ostarine capsules and two for Cardarine liquid. I was looking to cut at that time.

However, I had heard and read enough horror stories about drugs from Underground labs being laced with something else entirely.

So I sent them off to a lab to be tested for purity before I popped a single pill.

To my horror, the Ostarine contained 40% Dianabol. The Cardarine was 60% Albuterol and 10% DNP. That would probably have cooked me from within.

When I confronted the suppliers with the data, they attributed it to a bad batch that probably got contaminated.

A week later, I heard that they had disappeared without fulfilling hundreds of orders. A classic exit scam.

The Chinese suppliers came next.

To give them their fair due, the first sample batch of powdered Ostarine that I received from a supplier that I found on Alibaba was legit.

It was 90% pure Ostarine. But it came with a steep learning curve that involved accurately measuring the powder with a 0.001g scale and then mixing the raw powder in a compatible solvent like Propylene Glycol or Ethanol.

The only reason I opted for raw powder was because it was cheaper.

But the few dollars that I saved were not worth risking my health for.

Proven Peptides happens

Then, one day during the weekly Reddit Ask Anything, I happened to discover a new sub for reviews on SARMS suppliers.

On the sub, everybody seemed to be talking about Proven Peptides.

There were multiple Log Threads too with detailed dosages, before & after bloodwork and transformation pictures, which were close to the results that SARMS were capable of.

Almost immediately, I logged on to their website.

It looked like a typical sales site. Great UX, easy to navigate through. They offer almost all SARMS that have become popular in the fitness community off late including Ostarine, LGD, RAD-140, S4, Cardaine, YK-11, SR9009 and MK677 (GH Secretagogue).

One thing that caught my eye though was the third-party certificate of Analysis.

Why Proven Peptides’ Third Party Certification blows everything else out of the water

Third Party Certification has become the gold standard for gauging the quality of SARMS that you buy off the internet.

But just like everything else, the money lies in the details.

Most suppliers who claim to offer third-party certified products, don’t have certifications for the most recent batch of products they sell.

Some that I checked were almost three years old, which is as good as selling products without any certification.

Proven Peptides though, run a fresh analysis for each new batch of SARMS that they procure.

This ensures that every batch is consistently pure and of equally good quality.

After spending almost 8-years trying to find a legit SARMS supplier, I firmly believe that no other manufacturer offers such comprehensive third-party certification for every single batch of their products.

Not only does this show that they are ready to go the extra mile to ensure product quality, it also shows how diligent they are about procurement.

For an end user like me, it’s just the kind of assurance that I look for from a supplier.

My first SARMS cycle from Proven Peptides

After having a brief chat with their customer support reps (great guys), I finally placed an order for a 12-week supply of LGD-4033.

I ordered the liquid form of the SARM with 10mg of Ligandrol in every 1ml of the liquid.

The 60ml bottle was priced at $99.99 and the 30ml at $59.99. So I just went ahead and bought two 60ml bottles instead of buying one 60 and one 30ml bottle each.

This way, I would still have some leftover SARMS after dosing at 10mg/day for 12-weeks, which will enable me to bump the dose up if I don’t get the kind of results that I do.

Shipping is free for orders above $75.

I got my order in less than a week, which is terrific.

As always, I ran some purity tests before I began and the results of the tests were on par with the third party certificate provided by Proven Peptides. The liquid was pure Ligandrol dissolved in Polyethylene glycol (PEG) 400, with no unwanted additives.

Week 1: My first week of using Ligandrol was quite an eventful one. Right from Day-2 onwards, I found it difficult to get sleep. I would be pooped after spending all day in the field. I am a structural Iron and Steel worker. But even when I crashed at night, I would be awake for at least two to three hours tossing around in bed. Thankfully, this subsided by day 4. Apparently, this is a common side effect of LGD. By day 5, I started to notice an increased energy in the gym. Was it strength gain? I don’t know. The weights seemed lighter.

Week 2-4: By the end of week-2, I had gained 4 lbs. Although I believe that most of it was just water and glycogen. The strength gains were most impressive. By the end of week-3, I had crushed most of my lifetime PRs as a natty. So much for anybody who’s skeptical about the effectiveness of SARMS. I also got hit by the LGD Flu around this time which sort of put a dent in my workout plan. But I hung on.

Weeks 5-8: This was the phase during which I made the most gains physically. It was 12 lbs. in total and my traps, shoulders and quads just blew up. The strength gains more or less plateaued around this time. But with the added muscle, I was feeling superhuman. Almost forgot to talk about Libido, which was extremely high all through the first two months.

Weeks 9-12: The gains continued well until the 12th week and I gained a total of 18 lbs. in the 12-week period. Some of it is definitely water, fat and glycogen which I expect to lose. But my body fat percentage is still at 15% as the calipers show. So, I haven’t gained a lot of fat. The muscle gain has been incredible. Nothing short of a full body transformation. By the end of week 10, I started to feel a little tired and lethargic. I guess it was the suppression.

Bloodwork confirmed it. Total and Free Test had dropped by almost 60%. I am currently planning to wait it out for a week before deciding on a mini PCT.

The reasons why I highly recommend Proven Peptides

After dealing with multiple SARMS sellers and even sourcing raws myself from China, I firmly believe that a legitimate SARMS supplier is a rarity.

Proven Peptides is one of them.

Here are some of my reasons for highly recommending them.

  • They have a great customer support team who are ready to answer any pre-sales queries that you may have. But they are equally supportive even after your order is completed. They are also very active on Reddit and take criticism very seriously.
  • They are reasonably priced. At $200, I got enough LGD for almost 2 x 8-week cycles which is terrific.
  • They are the only brand that offers third-party certification even for their newest, most recent batch. All products are at least 90% pure if not more.
  • The bottles are not under filled. That’s another common technique used by SARMS sellers to cut corners and make a quick buck.
  • Their products work. Hell yeah! I have just ordered my 12-week supply of RAD-140. Can’t wait to try that next.
  • With the new SARMS Control Act of 2019 making SARMS a controlled substance, finding a reliable supplier will get more difficult.

To wrap it up

That’s it folks. Anyone who’s looking for legit SARMS suppliers, give Proven Peptides a shot. I am sure you won’t regret it.

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