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An Honest Review of the Ninja Foodi – Two-in-one

How would you like a pressure cooker and an air fryer in one gadget? Ninja Foodi have the ideal gadget for those who prefer their chicken tender and crispy at the same time. While the gadget is essentially a pressure cooker, it has a crisping lid that leaves your food all colorful and crispy.

The Finer Details

Like most instant pots and pressure cookers, the Ninja is easy to operate and comes with a manual for first-time users. It also features a recipe book with great cooking ideas that we found quite helpful. The pot is spacious and will comfortably fit a 4.5lb bird, but anything bigger will touch the crisping lid. You can use it to sauté your veggies as well.

The Ninja is sturdy and well-constructed. It has a timer and a display window letting you know what is going on in the pot and hinting on when you should close the lid or any other useful instructions. There are blue lights that rotate in a square to let you know when the pot is pressurizing and they stop when it the ideal pressure is reached. These visuals make this pressure pot different from others and quite easy to understand.

The pot comes with a Cook & Crisp basket that has a reversible rack with both low and high positions. This makes it possible to sauté your food too. Inside the pot is ceramic nonstick coating that not only looks good but is also well fitted.

The air fryer works well for crisping food, and it also has a timer for setting how long you want to crisp your food. The automatic shut-down feature is handy so that you don’t have to sit and wait for your food to brown. If you are not satisfied with results, you can always set longer time.

While the pot is quite wide – can fit up to 4 custard cups without stacking – it is shorter and so you would have to adhere to the set guidelines as per the manufacturer. However, this width ensures the ideal browning of your food as there is enough space.

Important Facts to Note

Before you buy the Ninja Foodi, you may want to take note of the size. It is quite heavy – due to the ceramic finish – and large and so you will need enough space for storage. The bulkiness gives it a sturdy feel, so it is a good thing in the end. The Foodi electric cord is limited at 33 inches long, and so you will need to create space near a socket when using it. This we found quite limiting.

The crisping lid is a little on the way as it is not removable, and so you cannot have this pot under the cabinet when cooking. Due to the fact that the pressure release valve is quite short, steam from the Instant Pot valve will burn you a few times when opening the lid. Because hot air will be coming from the back of the pot, you may want to place this pot far away from walls when using it. This happens with all air fryers, so it is not limited to the Foodi.

This gadget does a lot and so even though it is quite large in size, it makes up for this in functionality. You can use it for steaming food, to sear and sauté, as a pressure/slow cooker, as an air fryer, to bake, broil, and dehydrate. For beginners, the maker suggests running a test using water to see how it performs and also to ease one’s nerves. We loved that the level of where food should reach was clearly indicated.

Winning Specs of the Ninja Foodi

The idea of one gadget that functions as a pressure cooker and an air fryer is great as it means less utensils to clean and less space for storage. The fact that you can do a lot with only one gadget – broil, sauté, steam, and several other things – makes the Foodi an interesting addition to any household.

It comes with a crisping basket which is great for releasing pressure and also crisping food. The maker says the liquid collecting at the bottom of the pot will flavor your food but we found you would have to have seasoned it well from the get-go to enjoy those flavors. While this pot is bulky, it feels sturdy, with a ceramic non-stick cover that is easy to clean.

While the Foodi looks intimidating, thanks to its size, it is quite easy to use. It comes with a user manual and a recipe booklet with over 45 of the most popular recipes.

The Not-so Great Specs

While we loved the crisping basket, we found the crevices on the legs too many and so they made cleaning quite cumbersome. We also noted that the pot’s size and weight demand that you have ample storage space. The crisping lid stays open when you pressure cook, and so you will need ample space on a cabinet to leave it open.

The price for the pot – $180 – is almost what it would cost for an air fryer and a separate pressure cooker. While you save storage space when you buy one instead of these separate cookers, it would have been even better to see a larger price difference when you buy the one in two Foodi.


  • It performs the functions of two cooking gadgets perfectly.
  • Easy to use and comes with an elaborate user manual.
  • Spacious – 6.5-qt.
  • Has a display window that lets you know how your food is cooking.
  • Has a 1-year warranty.


  • It could be cheaper.
  • The crisping lid gets on the way.
  • It is large and so you will need enough storage space.

What do we think?

The hype is not exaggerated. The Foodi is a great addition for any kitchen and honestly, it’s about time! you will require more space for storage, but it is better than having to store two different cookers. The pressure cooker tenderizes your meats while the crisping lid finishes the job decently.

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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Satisfied Customer

November 12, 2018

We have moved on from a pressure cooker and air fryer to the Foodi. Yes it is larger, heavier and has a separate crisping lid but it’s definitely still more convenient than all separate appliances. Because as many of the parts are dishwasher safe, cleaning is super easy.


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