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The Molekule Air Purifier promises to be the greatest air purifier that you ever buy for your house or work environment, and the claims that make up the product description claims that it uses unique purifying technology that works to destroy harmful particles in the air rather than just trap them in an air filter where they can become another breeding ground for bacteria and the things that cause allergies.

When I was diagnosed with chronic allergies about three months ago, my doctor recommended an air purifier as a first step. I chose the Molekule Air Purifier after hearing great things about it from a friend who kept one in her music studio. Here’s what I thought about the Molekule, and why it’s now as integral to the functioning of my house as the couch.

Why NOT Regular Air Purifiers

The majority of air purifiers work with air filters – they look a little bit like zig-zag patterned 3D vacuum filters; the theory behind these types of air filters is the fact that the physical filter manages to trap the harmful particles that would have otherwise ended up in your nose, throat and lungs.

But the main drawback for air purifiers like these is that the bacteria and particles remain in the filter – and will continue to until the filter is changed. These can be easily released back into the air, and a regular air filter can start to make you sick and eventually be what triggers the allergies after just a few hours to a day of use in the average indoors environment.

When my doctor recommended that I get an air purifier, the first thing that I pointed out was that I already had one. “You do?” I nodded. “Then change it.” Apparently, the air purifier can be a huge part of the problem if you’re using the wrong type – which, considering the allergies that made me go to the doctor, I was obviously using.

Then, I switched.

How it Works

The main problem with regular air filters is the fact that they are bound to trap the dirt right in the filter where it can only continue to make you sick; it can even be the perfect breeding ground for new types of bacteria and spores to be introduced into your home.

The Molekule was designed by a scientist based on research to help his own son with allergy problems – and if being a parent has taught me anything, it’s that you’ll do anything for your children, especially when it comes to their health. Naturally, I knew that nobody would put a product on their market and give it to their children if they weren’t convinced it was completely safe – and yeah, I found that reassuring for starters.

The Molekule works on a molecular level to destroy the particles that would otherwise sit in the air filter and create potential for further illness and infection.

Several Options

One of the first things that I noticed about the Molekule was the fact that you could set it to several efficiency settings depending on the kind of environment that you find yourself in, and just the kind of purification that you’re going to need. Sometimes you might need a more intensive clean for polluted environments or days where there’s a lot of dust and pollen in the air – other times, you’ll need only a whisper quiet maintenance-clean, which this can provide too.

Product Pros:

Here are the features that stood out about the Molekule during the time I’ve used it.

  • It can potentially cover a lot of space.
    You can use the same Molekule air purification system for a smaller room as you would for a larger one, and most of the time there’s no need to get a second model to cover more space – it’s been designed with larger rooms in mind as a start, and unless your room looks like the Grand Hall of Hogwarts, you’re fine.
  • It does actually help for chronic conditions like allergies and asthma.
    The product was designed to make living with conditions like chronic allergies and asthma easier, and that’s just what it does. If you need to maintain a chronic condition (or prevent yourself from developing one), the Molekule is a great choice.
  • They have a refund policy just in case you don’t like it.
    If you do buy the Molekule and find that it’s not the right product to meet your needs, they offer a returns policy and they’ll take the product back with no questions asked for a refund – this is a confidence guarantee that a lot of products just don’t offer.

Product Cons:

Here are some of the features that might change the fact of whether or not the Molekule is the right fit for the air filtration system in your home or office.

  • Not everyone can afford the monthly filter replacements.
    The monthly filter replacements can be expensive once you’re past the first year of service for the Molekule – for many people, including me, it’s no doubt worth signing up for; but this isn’t true for everyone who might not be able to fit these monthly costs into their budget a year into the future.
  • The initial cost can be as much as an air-conditioning unit.
    One of the often criticized features of the Molekule is the fact that the primary unit can be pretty expensive. If you really can’t put a price on the quality of the air in your house, the Molekule unit is the right one for you – but if limited by budget, it can be an issue.
  • It doesn’t work for all health conditions.
    Some health conditions (in fact, most that have anything to do with the lungs or respiratory system) can benefit greatly from the Molekule. But there are some conditions that it won’t do much for – and if you’re one of these, speak to your doctor about adding medication for the specific condition to your treatment in addition to the Molekule.

Customer Reviews

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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It does it…

5.0 rating
March 28, 2019

I loved the box. I loved the directions. I loved the total simplicity and the lack of annoying noise! After two days, we were sleeping better and dripping less. Texas allergies are Texas-sized and even our hypoallergenic dog was suffering with coughing, drippy eyes, and nose and sneezing! All three of us are doing so much better. When my parent came to stay over (she listens to radio loudly all nite) the comfort of the Molekule was very present! It performs in a gentle white noise and hubby and I was not disturbed by anything. Thank you for the reduction in tissue usage and the quiet sleep…gnite.

Dori and Bill N

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