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FixMeStick Comprehensive Review – Worthy Spend or Not?

Do you have a fail-safe plan to save your device or data from crippling ransomware?

We all get unlucky sometimes, and clicking on a tempting attachment on your email might introduce malware into your device, past your antivirus utility. In other unfortunate cases, you might have forgotten to install antivirus/ anti-malware protection in your device. If any of this happens, the ransomware introduced might disable your PC until you’ve paid up. You might get a little lucky if the malware doesn’t lock you out, but the malware might still interfere with the installation or the running of the antivirus. But, looking at all these scenarios, can you get out safely? Well, thank technology and great minds because you can finally get out of such frustrating and sticky situations thanks to the FixMeStick. While the device will get you out of such emergencies, it is not, however, a replacement for your regular antivirus.

What is FixMeStick?

Developed/ manufactured by FixMeStick Technologies in Montreal, FixMeStick refers to a bootable USB device that quickly scans your computer, identifies malware/ virus, then removes it effectively. In any of the scenarios above, inserting this FixMeStick tool into your computer will immediately boot the USB device into its Linux-based environment and disinfect the malware.

This small, but powerful antivirus or antimalware tool is not static, meaning every time you launch the software, it will run checks for malware signature updates and product updates.

How does FixMeStick Work?

As noted above, this device will disinfect or neutralize any malware or antivirus in your PC, especially if you didn’t get to update your antivirus or if the malware goes past your antivirus layer of protection. This requires four simple steps:

Plug FixMeStick into any of your computer’s USB ports

Once inserted, run the FixMeStick program if it doesn’t launch automatically. It will reboot your computer then scan it for viruses. Scanning is made possible by three of the best antivirus engines ever created.

Next, the software will automatically reconnect your computer into your Wi-Fie network the download all the information about the latest threats and give you a report of everything it finds. It will also remove the threats automatically. Note, however, that removing the threat will take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. Note that you might have to reboot your computer thrice – there are three ways for the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface to boot, and here, FixMeStick will try each of these three ways, one after the other. So, remember what works.

Once complete, remove the FixMeStick from your computer, and just like that, your computer is cleaned up.

Note that your Windows computer might fail to boot after the cleanup. If this happens, you could boot your computer to the FixMeStick then select Undo Quarantine. Unfortunately, the malware will still be there. So, seek expert help if booting fails.

If unable to disinfect a file, it will quarantine the virus and save it as an encrypted ZIP file.

Unlike the normal antivirus solutions, you might be using, FixMeStick comes with its specific Linux-based OS which will work even when your computer is sleeping. This means that any viruses on your PC, will be found out and removed, regardless of how deed in your files they are buried or hiding. This happens because none of the hiding viruses run actively when the FixMeStick software is running.

Taking all this in, FixMeStick is clearly very appealing, and you might be tempted to buy one. We, however, strongly advice against running out to and buying the first thing that promises magic when it comes to malware, ransomware, and antivirus removal. Our top reason for this is the increase in the number of scams online. For this reason, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to determine the legitimacy of FixMeStick. Is it any good? Does it really work?

To get these answers, let’s first look at how antiviruses work.

What is an antivirus?

A computer virus refers to a malware program that replicates via inserting its copies into other computer programs, boot section of a hard drive or data files when executed. Successful virus replication makes the affected areas infected.

The effects of the infection will include stolen CPU time or hard disk space, corrupted data, access to private information, or display of offensive or humorous messages on the screen, among others.

When a normal antivirus runs in your computer background, it scans all the files (full-system scans are also performed) that you open. During scanning, the antivirus compares the program in question to known worms, viruses, and other malware, alerting you when it detects a threat.

So, what makes FixMeStick Different from other Antiviruses?

  • Power – FixMeStick leverages the power of 10 powerful antivirus programs at once, and it’s build on three top-tier antivirus programs, Avira, McAfee, and Sophos. It also has access to seven other online antivirus programs meaning that when it’s running, it will offer the fastest and the broadest response to threats.
  • Stealth Reboot-to-Clean Action – As a plug-in USB drive that will scan your computer before booting up, it catches the infection before it starts running. Experts note that the best, and the most reliable strategy for operating-system-level rootkit detection involves shutting down a computer with suspected infection, then checking its storage via booting using an alternative trusted medium like a USB flash drive. This process is regarded as the most effective because no rootkit can hide actively when the antivirus is running. This is what FixMeStick does.

Very few antivirus solutions have the option of creating a bootable USB drive rescue scanner. The problem commonly experienced being difficulty in using the resulting device. While tweaking the BIOS of an old computer to allow booting from USB is easy, modern computers are build on Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, UEFI, which presents a challenge. FixMeStick overcomes this challenge.

Registry Cleaner or Not?

Other than the occasional booting challenge, this device seems to be the real deal. It is not a registry; the common can scam that worsens the performance of your computer or the one that introduces new malware.

Besides its mode of action, FixMeStick has received glowing reviews from PC Mag (excellent 4-star rating), Amazon (3.7-star rating from over 1800 customers), and Walmart (a 3.7 rating from 139 reviews), among other top sites.

How Much is FixMeStick?

It depends on the plan you choose. Under the 30-day trial, you will pay $9.99 and $44.00 after 30 days, in the 1-year subscription. The 1-year subscription costs $59.99. These plans allow the use of the device in a maximum of three PCs.

The Premium package, FixMeStick PRO allows antivirus installation in an unlimited number of devices, and it will set you back $299.99 annually.


  • The bootable antivirus disinfects all persistent malware
  • You can access remote remediation
  • Easy to use
  • It works
  • Great customer support
  • Great USB boot handling for UEFI and BIOS


  • No real-time protection
  • Customer support is not available throughout
  • The computer might fail to boot
  • The process takes long
  • It might leave behind the executable files


FixMeStick does not replace the ordinary antivirus solution, but it comes in handy when dealing with persistent malware and ransomware. This bootable USB device works superbly in emergencies, and you should consider using it alongside your other antivirus.

Customer Reviews

2.3 rating
2.3 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good0%

Most Frustrating computer product I have ever tried to use

1.0 rating
February 26, 2020

I bought A FixXMe Stick with the option to use it on three computers. I first tried it on my desk top computer. It didn’t load as shown in the included instructions. Eventually I manage to get it to scan the computer and remove the detected threats. I had trouble getting it to start on my laptop but it dis scan and remove some threats.
My problems started when I tried to use it on my second laptop. It kept loading to the point of stating the computer had to be shut down, reconfigured and rebooted. The message stated this could take up to three tries. In over 15 tries I still am unable to get the program to function.
I emailed their support and received a reply in a couple of hours – nothing more than what I had found on their site. after another hour of my life wasted I still have not been able to load and scan the laptop.
If you do not have enough stress and frustration in your life then you need this product. From my use of the product this program will increase your stress level. I recommend you do not waste your money on this product.

Don Hinchley

Why does it not work anymore.

1.0 rating
October 24, 2019

disappointed FixMeStick quit working after a year or so I have a lifetime stix. now is says I have to do it manually which still does not work and doing a reboot does not work either. It was fine when I got it in fact I purchased 2. So glad I have McCaffee protection. No more FixMeStix for me.

lawrence j deininger

Fine and dandy

5.0 rating
March 27, 2019

I fumbled a bit to get it to run, but after it started, it ran just fine. It found and removed several things. My computer now runs just fine and dandy. Thank you FixMeStick. I plan to run it at least every month.


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