Finally Fresh Review

Whether you use a top-loader or a front-loader in washing your clothes, using the best product in getting rid of the musty and mildew in your washing machine is important. Using this kind of product will ensure that your washing equipment will stay clean.

If you ever found yourself whiffing of sulfur or rotten eggs while you transfer your washed clothes to the dryer, the only one that is responsible to this is your dirty washing machine. Even though it is the tool you use in cleaning your linens, clothes, and towels, it is also essential for you to clean it. Cleaning a washing machine will benefit you in performing its work properly while eliminating the foul smell.

When you don’t clean your washing equipment, the fabric softener, debris, and laundry detergent might get stocked in the machine. As a result, it might leave weird stains and marks on your clothes. In connection with that, you also need to clean it more frequently. You might consider cleaning it once within four weeks. This will help you to avoid musty smells while ensuring that your clothes are cleaned properly.

What is Finally Fresh?

Finally, Fresh is a product used to maintain the cleanliness and fresh smell of your washing machine. This is a product that can be dissolved easily. It penetrates your washing equipment while getting rid of the odor-causing debris that has accumulated inside. This cleaner is in a tablet form that can be dissolved slowly. It can be used longer during the whole wash cycle. One of the advantages of this cleaner is that it can break up the leftover debris compared with the bleach.

Pros and Cons of Using Finally Fresh Tablet Cleaner

Before you purchase this product, you will likely want to know its pros and cons. Luckily, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages that you can get from using this cleaner. Scroll down to know more about it.


  • The Finally Fresh Tablet Cleaner of the washing machine is made with EPA certified ingredients. This means that you can use it easily and safely.
  • It is effective to be used in cleaning the different models of washing machines. This means that you can use it cleaning a front load or top load washing machine.
  • It is highly recommended by many since it is effective and can penetrate the cleaning process.


As we read some of the reviews about the Finally Fresh Washing Machine Cleaner, we did not found any drawback stated by its customers about the said product. This only shows that this cleaner works effectively.


When you think that your washing machine needs to be cleaned, then we highly recommend you to use the Finally Fresh washing machine cleaner. This cleaner is in the form of a tablet that can be dissolved slowly. It is much more effective to work compared with bleach and other alcohol-based cleaning products. This cleaner will help you to have a cleaner washing machine from its glass door, detergent tray, rubber liner, and exterior surfaces.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit their site and get yours now!

7 thoughts on “Finally Fresh Review”

  1. Did nothing to help the smell on my machine, I follow the instructions by making 3 hot washe to start, then once a month!
    Waist of my money

  2. Purchased the product and never received it. They won’t do anything for me either. Just blame the post office and then ignore my emails. Company is a scam

  3. This is a complete waste of money. My machine never smells or develops mould because i always leave the door open but the rubber around the door of the front loader is stained and collects dirt. This so called cleaner makes no difference. Total waste of time and electricity using it.


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