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Do you like to eat Hard boiled eggs? Have you ever tried to boil one? Well, if you do, how was it? Cooking hard boiled eggs is pretty simple as you think of, but there are some that it turns in to a failed one. It is because you might forget the time in cooking it and that it becomes overcooked. Well, that would not be the case today because we already have now Egg Pod to use.

The Egg Pod is a container that is made to be our partner or tool in creating a hard boiled egg. It is microwavable so that you can have a hard boiled egg in only a matter of minutes. Not only as it helps you in cooking the eggs, but it will also help you separate the boiled eggs to its shells. The Egg Pod container is designed like the egg with white color. The Egg Pod are 100 percent safe to use and BPA-free from plastic and dishwasher. Another good about this Egg Pod is that it is made that saves a little storage in the kitchen space.

Ways to Use Egg Pod

Using the Egg Pod is pretty easy to perform, such as:

  • To use the Egg pod, you need first to add water to the bottom of the device. Adding the water in the container is advised, and you must put the half amount of water on it.

  • Next is to put the egg inside. After putting water, the next step is to add the egg that you think is enough for you and the container. Typically, depending on the size of the eggs, there will be three to five eggs that are good to place in the Egg Pod. You can put more eggs on top of each other, but make sure you add another water to fill the container.

  • After placing the eggs, it is now the time for you to put it in the microwave and let it cooked for eight minutes.

  • When the cooking time is already finished, it is time for you to pull the pod into the microwave. You can now shake it for about 30 seconds. With this shaking time, you can expect that the eggs will be separated to its shells.

  • Finally, when you are done shaking it, you can now open the container and pull out the hard boiled egg. The shells that are detached are easy to pull off, or it typically slides of the white. And after it, you can now enjoy eating the eggs as the way you want it to be. You can also add another flavor, like adding it to another food such as a sandwich and so on.

Egg Pod are very safe to use since there are no batteries required. The usage of this container is pretty straightforward and simple that even a kid can do. Also, this would be a good chance to help the kids learn how to cook simple things. So, if you want to have an easy way to cook a hard boiled egg, Egg Pod would be best for you.

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  1. Can’t even remove bottom insert and have difficulty locking and unlocking top insert. Aluminum bends too easy. Used twice and ended up in trash.


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